Audio & Acoustics Team

We offer analysis of requirements to select and specify acoustic components (speakers, microphones, vibrators) to optimize performance, size, cost, availability and quality. We use our knowledge and experience in acoustic hardware design to develop product concepts using simulations and rapid prototyping.

We perform platform configurations and tuning of audio software systems. We have experience in design verification of prototypes and root cause analysis of acoustic performance in a manufacturing environment. We have advanced measurement systems for audio and acoustic performance. Our lab facilities include a large anechoic chamber (ISO 3745) that enables acoustic pre-compliance testing.

  • Product requirement analysis based on our experience of standards and certifications
  • Component selection and requirements
  • Acoustic simulations
  • Acoustic hardware design and development
  • Audio system engineering
  • Test and verification, including pre-compliance testing
  • IPR related services
  • High volume production quality analysis
  • Audio measurement capabilities include VoLTE, VoIP, HD-voice, Bluetooth Audio, POLQA, 3QUEST, IEC60268

Contact: Christian Axelsson