Corporate Social Responsibilities

In addition to our core business, we are engaged in a number of projects aimed at creating positive development in society – both in Sweden and in developing countries. We believe in something bigger than ourselves and that it is through drive and involvement real change can be achieved.

Finding the smartest solution is not just about business. Therefore, we engage ourselves in a range of initiatives and take an interest in a greater social responsibility, both at home and far away. Together everyone at Sigma can make a big difference. 

Star for Life

Star for Life is a unique program aimed at preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS among young people in southern Africa. The vision is to inspire school children to believe in their own futures and their dreams and support them in their efforts to live a life without AIDS. Star for Life was founded in 2005 and now involves more than 100 000 young people and their families in South Africa and Namibia.

FC Rosengård

FC Rosengård is one of the most competitive women’s football teams in all of Europe. FC Rosengård is renowned for their focus on social development and helping young people realize their dreams.

They are active in two large social development projects, Boost, aimed at helping young people raise their level of competence and competitiveness on the labour market and Football for Life, strengthening the self-esteem and awareness of young women at hundreds of schools in South Africa.

So far over 1000 participants have achieved their goal of employment or full-time education through Boost by FC Rosengård.

Uppstart Malmö

Uppstart Malmö is partly a foundation that supports entrepreneurs in creating new job opportunities, and partly it’s a source of investment capital from a group of experienced entrepreneurs in Malmö. Some of the investors are Danir, the parent company of Sigma, and you can find the founder of Sigma, Dan Olofsson, as the chairman of the board of Uppstart Malmö.

Emerging Cooking Solutions

More people die from smoke which occurs during cooking and meal prep than from malaria. Swedish-Zambian Emerging Cooking Solutions have developed a system with pellets to use in clean burning cook stoves. The pellets come from biomass waste and are therefore renewable and sustainable. The system contributes to end of deforestation, is time saving, improves health and is cost efficient.