Expect A Better Tomorrow
We create new and relevant value through design.
Get superpowers
Experience your future product before making expensive commitments.
Smart Connected Experiences
We help brands speak human in a digital world.
Design team for Relevance
Capture the right opportunities to connect with future customers.

Design that works.

Transforming business by design to win in a smart connected world is at the heart of  what’s inspired us for more than two decades. We are a team of people-loving hardware-centric designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to create beautiful, smart and valuable experiences that work – for your customers.

As innovators in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing, we help you discover, define and realize the future relevance of your brand and product – for your customers in a smart connected world. Your advantage is our unique ability to build proof-of-concepts which fast-forward into the future to experience your finished product and customer reactions; before making expensive commitments. Last but not least, we make sure your brand speaks human in a digital world.

If you want to speed up your product innovation to compete in the connected world, we give you the superpowers to get there.

Henrik Jensfelt, Head of Design