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Technical products are frequently exposed to climate and mechanical stress, in some cases, every day of every week. Dependent upon the market you decide to launch your product on, and its intended use, it will be exposed to different elements of stress, something that will affect its performance and lifespan.

In our environment verification test lab, we simulate environmental and mechanical stresses through artificial environments and help you discover the expected resilience of your products.
With access to climatic test chambers, in combination with its intended use, we can validate and improve product designs, robustness and reliability. Our environmental tests can involve changes in heat, pressure, humidity, moisture, UV exposure, weathering, wear & tear and much more.

Simply put, we test and prepare your products for real-world use and our mission is to ensure that your products meet all conditions, both for the environment and marketplace.

All of our tests are performed according to general specifications or tailor made based on international standards such as IEC, ASTM or MIL in collaboration with you.

    Environment Testing
    Environment Testing


    Our engineers always work in close collaboration with representatives from other expertise areas to define, design, develop and help you bring a product to market that delivers higher products satisfaction. Using the close access to our other in-house labs we can interact with all areas of expertise throughout the entire development and test cycle.

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