Ismo Karali

VP San Jose & Business Development

Ismo joined Sigma Connectivity in early 2015 and moved to the US in August the same year to establish and head up our San Jose office. He has since then been responsible for building relationships with our customers and partners in the in US, and has throughout the years established a strong foundation and growing customer base.
Ismo has a long history with business development and sales on a global arena. He has extensive experience from high tech business development as well product development, and has worked with world leading mobile industry giants, global consumer brands, startups and media. When it comes to building long-term relationships and and deliver customer success Ismo is the right one to work with. He always puts the customers need in first hand and make sure to never leave their side throughout the collaboration. No project is ever to big, or small, and Ismo give the customer his all no matter what.