Press News / 11.01.2017

We are expanding our teams

Searching for a place where you will have the opportunity to deliver fantastic results every day? All while having fun together with your teammates, stay proud and share your knowledge and joy with others?


Sigma Connectivity's expertise in connectivity and hard work has made us very successful and right now our assignments are increasing while becoming more and more complex. With that said we simply need to expand our teams.

At Sigma Connectivity we can help you reach your dreams. You would participate in the digital transformation, change industries and take part in a fantastic journey. You would be working with engineers who has extensive experience from several expertise areas, who has been part of creating the digital world as we know it today. You would also be working in some of the worlds most advanced technical labs and be challenged to develop your skills on a daily level.


For over 30 years our engineers have been in the forefront of the creation of a digitized and connected world. We are specialists who love technology and business. We help our clients with innovative solutions every day and has done so since the childhood of the internet. We have a long legacy from both Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile and work best when we are challenged with almost impossible tasks. Together we are strong and nothing is to complicated. We engage with the people and organizations around us to create and deliver tomorrow’s solutions. Something we are incredibly proud of.


Sounds interesting? Head over to our career site to see if there’s a job out for you.


If you can’t find anything who seems to fit your expertise? Don’t worry, send in your application anyway and we’ll see if we can find a spot for you. We’re always open for talent to join our teams.


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Susanne Wieslander

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