Trend/analysis / 11.23.2017

Design, Trends and Behaviour

Imagine an ice cream bowl with three scoops of different flavors. Together, the three scoops create a new experience. Replace one of them and create a new one. Keep the image of the bowl, but change your perspective to idea generation and business development. How can an ice cream bowls with three scoops help you find new ways to engage in idea generation?

Well, the Ice Cream Way is not really about an ice cream. It’s a model that helps your mind to think in other paths and create new ideas.
On the 9th of October our designer Tina Lekeberg hosted a creative seminar together with Tillväxt Malmö to talk about her new concept ‘The Ice Cream Way’.

“When working with clients in an early stage we always keep the end user in mind, design products/solutions that meets the technical specifications but still delivers an experience and solve the end users need. To do so we always seek to look at various possibilities which will help us bring emerging technologies to life in new and valuable ways.”

Tina Lekeberg works in our Design Lab and has several years of experience with Industrial Design and Concept Creation.
Using her experience Tina has developed her new concept The Ice Cream Way, a quick and easy tool that help us look at questions such as:

  • What are the Consumer trends today, and how can we use those insights to create and generate new products ideas. 


Throughout Tina’s seminar at Tillväxt Malmö she presented the new concept, spoke about new consumer trends and discussed how we can work with different approaches to ensure that we deliver the right solutions to the right audience at the right time.


The seminar raised and discussed questions such as:

  • What do we mean with ‘good’ design and why is it so important?
  • How can we trigger emotions among our consumers and who will they be in the future?
  • How do your organization work with consumers’ trends today?

Would you like to discuss and understand how your organization can work with the Ice Cream Way? Just send Tina an email and she will be happy to tell you.
The Ice Cream way – a quick and easy tool that helps us generate questions and ideas regarding our organization and how we best respond to a disrupted future. It’s a way of challenging our organizational direction and find out how our new product will affect our future business.
Changes in our society reflects on what is happening around us in the world. Our reaction varies and this gives us trends in the society.
These trends are something that we should/can use as a fuel for generating new products.   the ice cream way is a method that use your company direction together with the consumer trend and new technologies or materials to generate the new future ide.



Key contact

Henrik Jensfelt Head of Design

Henrik Jensfelt

Head of Design