News / 11.23.2017

Analys Ekonomi

Dan Olofsson, Founder And Owner Of The Sigma Group Has Recently Shared His Thoughts On How Skåne Plays A Vital Role In The Worlds Step Towards A Connected Future. We Couldn’t Be Prouder To Be Part Of This Journey And Help Partners, Customer And Friends Find Solutions That Will Revolutionize The Future.

“Digitalization has gone from being a way of administering something to becoming part of everything that we do. No industry can claim leadership without offensively finding digital solutions that help them move forward towards the future business landscape. From having IT departments that manages IT, the digitalization era has lead to a present where each company’s different parts use digital solutions ranging from interesting customer deals to production and customer service. The best solutions are spreading rapidly globally. This, combined with the United States powerful venture capital market, allows us to see many examples of “The Winner takes it all”. The strong positions of digital companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Uber, etc. have taken short notice unprecedented in history.” Dan Olofsson, founder and owner of the Sigma Group

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