Optoelectronic Design Team

Our team have deep knowledge in design and integration of optoelectronic components: displays, touch screens, cameras, camera flashes, illumination and optical sensors. Our services stretch from component selection to complete system integration, from detailed optical simulations to fine tuning of camera and display image quality. Whether you are looking for a support in improving your design and Verification processes or for a partner which takes care of the full development of the optical components in your products, we can provide fully customized services.

Our team pioneered mobile phone cameras, xenon flash, color displays, glove mode touch, HDR Video, autofocus, white magic display and in cell touch.

  • New technology scouting
  • Product requirement analysis based on our experience of standards
  • Optoelectronics component design and integration
  • Optical simulations
  • Optical sensor design
  • Display, touch and camera image tuning
  • Test and verification
  • High volume production quality analysis
  • Broad Optoelectronics supplier networks

Our state-of-the-art lab facilities enables a variety of verification possibilities from very simple function test to advanced and complex verification to secure performance and quality.

Contact: Christian Axelsson