SENS was Sigma Connectivity’s first IoT platform, where Sigma Connectivity developed an end-to-end solution with Sigma ITC to connect building and office spaces. The platform consists of both hardware and software, where Sigma Connectivity designed, and developed, all the hardware such as sensor devices and gateways and, then integrated these with software into a cloud back end called AppIoT.

The project included phases such as designing PCB, mechanics and fixtures, both embedded and android software development and longtime testing of the system. Quality assurance of mechanics and sensors in Sigma Connectivity’s environmental labs. Industrialization, packaging and production of the sensor devices and gateways and finally certification of the devices (FCC, CE and Unified body).


SENS Solutions

During  the  past  two decades,  the  Internet  revolution  has  redefined  many business  to consumer industries, such as; media, retail and financial services.
In the upcoming decade, the Internet of Things revolution will radically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors.  Internet of things is indeed transformative and it will change the basis of competition, redraw industry boundaries and create a new wave of disruptive companies.
Most solutions today offers only software or hardware, but not both, and if it offers both, they aren’t customizable. Due to this fact, the SENS system was created. The SENS system is a customizable system that offers both hardware and software, and can easily be integrated into existing systems. In order to offer such solution, Sigma has used core competencies in both hardware and software development.
SENS is a complete solution with everything you need to get underway with your IoT initiative – sensors, gateway and real-time analysis of all your connected devices. Simple, intuitive and scalable.

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