Being one step a head is often a winning strategy, also in product development. Creating innovative products requires insights to design performance, and behavior, early on in the development phase.  Through simulation you accurately solve complex analysis problems, overcome time, budget and quality challenges. 

No matter how complex your product may be, or whatever industry you are in, our lab can keep you ahead of you competitors by simulating challenges and verify the fitness of components, technical equipment and products. We help you reduce lead times while increasing quality and reducing overall development costs. We predict product behavior and support the engineers during the development process of your product. 

By utilizing computer aided simulation we can de-bug, optimize and predict random characteristics of nature, all before you build your first prototype.

Our engineers have extensive experience and efficient tools to perform a wide range of simulations. We always work in close collaboration with other in-house labs to allow the simulation tools to become more intelligent and serve as assistants to the engineers throughout the development phase.

    Simulation labs at Sigma Connectivity


    Our engineers always work in close collaboration with representatives from other expertise areas to define, design, develop and help you bring a product to market that delivers higher products satisfaction. Using the close access to our other in-house labs we can interact with all areas of expertise throughout the entire development and test cycle.

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    Eduardo Gonzalez

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