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We find ourselves to live and operate in an increasingly smarter world where almost everything can, and will be, connected in some way. As the number of smart devices is growing, so is the importance of quality and security.

In our Software Quality lab, we deliver end-to-end and custom-fit approaches to support our customers in software quality management and software testing. Through quality assurance, in-depth testing and continuously measurements of the overall quality and performance of your software we ensure that your product is up to date, reliable, durable and provides consistent results. All of the services we provide are designed and tailored to support our customers throughout the planning, development and maintenance stages of the product lifecycle. We always aim to blend seamlessly into the development process without crossing the important boundary between the development and software quality assurance. Using our extensive expertise, we design test frameworks, identify bugs, defects and software failure. All tests are done to ensure that the application meets the requirements of its design, confirm that it is usable and fulfills its main purpose. We can also assess report software readiness as well as the risks of implementation and fast market release. We believe software’s quality has the potential to define and change a hardware’s functionality, therefore every test we conduct on our customers’ software is done with great attention to detail and with the intention of delivering a high-performing, durable and reliable product.

Quality Assurance


By working in close collaboration and cross-functional teams with all in-house labs at Sigma Connectivity we pride ourselves as a reliable partner for building powerful wireless electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components that enable innovation.

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Eduardo Gonzalez Sales Engineer

Eduardo Gonzalez

Sales Engineer
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