Christoffer joined Sigma Connectivity already in 2013, working in the field of industrialization and quality. Just like his peers, he choose his profession because he likes the process of creating something.

“… It’s always a challenge working with the latest technologies and the people working here, the wonderful people working here, makes even the dullest day a great day. Working together, cross-functionally, in a team or project striving towards a common goal is something special”

Christoffer has been taking pictures since he was very young, forcing his parents to develop films of blurry shots of his family, friends and pets. It wasn’t until high school he finally got a hold of a real SLR camera, during this time he learned the entire process – from clicking the button to standing in a darkroom processing his own pictures.

After a 20 year break from photography, due to other interest during his studies, he started playing around with Photoshop on his computer. The internet is home to many DIY videos and tutorials, though not all of them are of best quality, the ones that actually are good helped Christoffer take his photography to the next level.

“When you know the basics you learn through trial and error, which is the beauty of digital photography, as you can spray and pray that one of the hundreds of images you take will be somewhat good”

Today Christoffer prefers taking landscape pictures at night, so called astroscapes, which allows him to experience the nature around him and find the shots that are there for him to take. The approach to his photography is very similar to his work at Sigma Connectivity, you need a great attention to details but to be flexible at the same time.

However there are some differences,  

I’ve never had to wear rain gear dodging lightning bolts in the office so that’s one! But if it happens, I’m prepared!

Visit Christoffers webpage to see more of his amazing photography:


Elin Jönsson