Maite has been working in our optics department since early 2018, and this summer she also won the Swedish National Championship of bowl and miniramp!

She started skating 11 years ago, when she was still in high school. For as long as she can remember she has always had a very visual way of thinking. The way she saw everything in pictures put her on a natural path towards optics, engineering and creating things.

At Sigma Connectivity the projects are interesting, constantly changing and I am faced with new challenges regularly. We work in big teams with a wide span of competences – that’s why I chose to work at Sigma Connectivity

Skateboarding is not something that you need a teacher or coach for, it is something that happens when you step into a skate park and other skateboarders help out and give advice. With the support of others you can achieve anything you want,

Maite adds “I believe that that is the same spirit that drives Sigma Connectivity

She recently competed at the Vans Park Series European Championships, where she ended up in 6th place, and the Global Qualifiers for the final of the World Cup (reached 20th place), competitions that were proudly sponsored by Sigma Connectivity!


Elin Jönsson