Sigma Connectivity have since 2013 been filling up 4000 square meters with the best competence the industry has to offer to operate the many in-house labs which were previously owned by Sony Mobile.

It’s now 2018, and we are nominated for best looking office of the year, thanks to one of our principal designers and interior decorating firm Addentity interior (who have extensive experience with office furniture) who took it upon themselves to renovate 3 floors of Mobile Heights Centre in Lund.

Interior design is not much different from my job as an industrial designer, I design experiences for the user and approached this project the same way I would approach a project, the only difference was that this time the end result was not a product“ – Tina Lekeberg, ID designer Sigma Connectivity

Tina created an environment for her colleagues and their clients which reflects Sigma Connectivity as a company. The color palette used was inspired by a 3M Dichroic-Film – which covers most of the 1st floor. This film changes color depending on how the lights hits it and from which direction you are looking at it. A film whose characteristics very much reminds you of what Sigma Connectivity is.

Tina also adds “Working with colors, carpets, curtains and materials is a great way to keep costs down but still create a completely different environment and in result changing the feeling anybody has, employee or client, walking into a room

The renovation days are over and Tina is now back to designing consumer products and services in what might be the best looking office in Sweden! (Vote here)


Elin Jönsson