Björn was headhunted by a musician friend at Sony Ericsson and joined their acoustic department in 2005, and has, since its start 2013, blessed Sigma Connectivity’s audio lab.

Already at age 3 he started to have an deep interest for music, he learned the art of music through his parents, music teachers and fellow musicians. Above all he learned from a man named Kurt a family friend and the only engineer Björn knew growing up.


“He showed me everything about electronics, audio and building loudspeakers. Kurt worked with internal education for Philips in Stockholm. I have had a close relationship with him since then until this year when he passed away 91 years old. Because of him I continued to study Electro science at the Lund University after my Swedish high school”

Björn’s wall at home!

Björn’s wall at home!

A rock and roll attitude might not be the best at work, especially when working with customers. However, Björn’s love for music is still very present in his daily work, since him and his team develop mainly consumer audio products.

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Elin Jönsson