Robert has been working for Sigma Connectivity Engineering since day one and is now acting as COO. As a company, the mission is to create an environment where people feel involved even though they are consulting “on location” and rarely meet their colleagues.

One of Roberts biggest interest is cars and car racing. He spends a lot of time in the garage and on the tracks! He started go-kart racing at the age of 11 and has since then been interested in racing and cars in general.

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“I learned by observing and listening to the people who knew more about racing than me. My parents worked very hard but still engaged themselves in my practices and races – but it also meant I had a lot of time to explore by myself.”

He adds "no challenge is impossible, it's just another thing you have not learned yet and it's always easier than you think". Robert adds that Rafael, CEO at Sigma Connectivity Engineering, is the biggest motivation to why he choose to work here. His energy and leadership mean that he has a unique way of engaging different personalities and leaders resulting in them joining him on his journey.

There are a few similarities to racing and working as COO of Sigma Connectivity Engineering. On the tracks you need to react and make decisions in seconds – otherwise, someone else will take your spot and you will lose. At work, the customer comes first and if you are not there to help out on time someone else is right around the corner and willing to take your spot.

Elin Jönsson