Expect a Better Tomorrow: The Victory Pot

This morning Dan Olofsson, founder of the Sigma Group, presented Piteå IF with The Victory Pot. A charity which stands for equality and together working towards a better tomorrow!


In a public letter Johan Glennmo, CEO of Danir, explains more about The Victory Pot, which is the first project in Danir’s charity series of ”International Expect a better tomorrow day”, a charity which they will re-launch yearly.

Congratulations Piteå IF to a historic win and victory pot!

After a thrilling finish of Obos Damallsvenskan, we find Piteå IF as the worthy winners! It will be our honour to present them with Segerpotten (the Victory Pot). Segerpotten is our first project connected to Sigma and Danir’s ”International Expect a better tomorrow day”, where we each year, on New Year’s Eve, initiate a project which will help make a better tomorrow.

The primary purpose of Segerpotten is to highlight the economic challenges in Swedish women’s football. Mainly, through a pledge drive where all collected funds go straight to the winner of Obos Damallsvenskan 2018. A financial contribution which will be much needed for the winning team. Because, it is actually so bizarre in today's women's football, that when you, as a winner in Damallsvenskan, qualify for the Uefa Women's Champions League, you risk losing money on playing the tournament.

Shortly after launching Segerpotten, EFD (Elitfotboll Dam, Sweden’s elite football association for women) decided to introduce a victory prize of 200.000 SEK to the winner of Obos Damallsvenskan. This means that Piteå IF now can look forward to close to half a million in prize money. Segerpotten is namely, at the moment, at 236.221 SEK.

Through Segerpotten, we have also highlighted the conditions under which teams compete in the Uefa Women’s Champions League. When Linköpings FC and FC Rosengård played their first games in the tournament, they did so under the banner ”When you play Uefa Women’s Champions League, you play for change”. Because we don’t think it’s right that you, at this level, should have to play for nickels and dimes. Everyone is probably aware of the economic differences for men and women in football, but it is probably not commonly known that the teams playing Uefa Women’s Champions League only get 0.4 percent of what the teams playing Uefa Champions League make. That, in my opinion, falls far below the mark.

Of course, there is a market that controls supply and demand and there is a long way to go to 50/50, but what Uefa as an organisation is currently doing for women’s football, is simply not good enough. Uefa has a responsibility for all football and the aim isn’t profit, but to – on behalf of the member countries – to develop all football. For me, 0.4 percent sends a message that they’re not ready to make the effort enough, rather than that there’s no market or potential for women’s football. I believe that, as associations, Fifa, Uefa and SvFF have a greater responsibility to invest more equally. Because, they have a responsibility to develop all football within their area, and to show that they believe in women’s football’s economic growth. It is great to see Obos support those teams with players in the women’s national team when Fifa doesn’t, much like what we´re doing through Segerpotten.

Even though Obos Damallsvenskan is officially over and we have collected over 230.000 SEK, we have decided to keep the pledge drive open for another two weeks after having presented Piteå IF with the check, tomorrow morning in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.

So if you want to add to Piteå IF’s victory pot, you can still make your contribution through Swish to 1234 20 96 15, or make a payment to our bankgiro number 5253-4815.

After these two weeks we will, with pride, present them with the full victory pot, and with that close Segerpotten and this year’s Expect a better tomorrow initiative. But keep your eyes open on New Year’s Eve, when we present who will be able to expect a better tomorrow during 2019 on expectabettertomorrow.com.

A great big thank you to all who have contributed to Segerpotten during 2018! Expect a better tomorrow!

Best regards,

Johan Glennmo

Elin Jönsson