Sigma Connectivity Reporting from Inside CES 2018

The yearly CES kicked off earlier this week, the largest hands-on forum created to introduce the next-generation technologies to some of the world’s toughest markets. Naturally, Sigma Connectivity was on location representing our unique innovation labs, customizable offers as well as confirming the latest tech trends.


CES revealed an even more connected future, objects that are not yet connected will be connected, your home, car, portable devices will all eventually be interconnected and communicating. This means that problems or inconveniences that occur when conducting everyday tasks such as doing laundry, grocery shopping or even looking for lost items will decrease or simply cease to exist.

Besides the promise of an interconnected future, the event also predicted a safer future. Though connected homes, robots, and drones (of all kinds – large and small, above, on and under water) took up most of the space at the event, technologies such as self-driving cars and health monitoring stood out among the diverse amount of innovation.

While the sensor technology and the software needed for self-driving cars is improving and getting cheaper they will not be produced and sold to the end consumer just yet. However, a fast developing and very current topic at CES  was health. Health is big in tech, and wearables are evolving. A great deal of heart and sleep monitoring as well as weight and BMI tracking technology was revealed. As smart watches have become mainstream, companies are focusing more on health and data collecting, resulting in a fusion between wearables and MedTech. Fitbit are investing in blood sugar monitoring and Nokia started to focus on health and interconnectivity, presenting connected beds, scales and thermometers.

Voice control was another stand-out technology presented this week. Last year,  Amazon’s Alexa stole the show, this year voice control is predicated to be even bigger as Google officially presented their Google Assistant.  You could also see a large increase in the number of connected and voice controlled speakers, and as more voice controllable devices are being developed it is expected, by some, to be the new user interphase. 

Our team also identified Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) as popular buzz words. Though the innovation and technology is not quite there yet, there are currently a lot of initiatives and it is expected that a lot will happen during the next few years as the world becomes more and more connected. 

Elin Jönsson