Sigma Connectivity announces the opening of a new office in Denmark!

To further strengthen their presence, and better cater to existing customers, Sigma Connectivity opens up a new office in the beautiful capital Copenhagen.

The vision is to recruit danish consultants with unique competence but also to take advantage of the competences available on the other side of the bridge. There is currently a higher demand than supply of senior engineers, and Sigma Connectivity wants to fill that gap. Giving existing employees, as well as new ones, the opportunity to cross the bridge daily for new and exciting projects.

Throughout the last 5 years in Denmark, the demand for external development companies, combined with senior experienced consultancies has increased dramatically. Therefore, Sigma Connectivity opened up a highly-skilled competent and customer-oriented development and consultancy company, in various areas such as MedTech, Pharma, Life science, automotive and other heavy industries, demanding an agile and innovative design and technology company.” Torben Dahlfelt, COO Sigma Connectivity ApS

Rafael Litwicki, who has been with Sigma Connectivity since the beginning, will step in as CEO of our Danish subsidiary Sigma Connectivity ApS and work together with Torben Dahlfelt, a well-known face, in various work areas of Sigma portfolios in Denmark.

"Companies in Denmark use the latest technologies, make advanced products and are used to product development work hence Sigma Connectivity is a perfect match for each other!” - Rafael Litwicki, CEO Sigma Connectivity ApS

Sigma Connectivity has been present on the Danish market for quite some time, and offer services within the field of Audio, Opto, Embedded and MedTech to local companies and organizations. The plan is to expand further by offering all of Sigma Connectivity's' business areas. Meaning on-site engineering, projects from their HQ in Lund and their Nearshore offer in Poland.

Elin Jönsson