— Get faster access to specialist competence, save time and simplify your project resourcing.

empower your development faster

Smartshore, a more effective way to secure your resource needs.


When you run a challenging project, you often need access to specialist competences which are not available inside your organization. You need to staff up fast with a solution that can meet your time and budget.


With Sigma Connectivity’s Smartshoring, you can have our expert engineers, ready to face your challenge within two weeks, in a fully operational team.

“We have successfully delivered over 40 demanding projects with our Smartshoring model.”

— Tomasz Zygadlo, CEO Sigma Connectivity Poland

"Now in 2019 we unleash the power of Sigma Connectivity Poland for external customers."

— Rafael Litwicki, CEO Engineering

Our Sigma Connectivity team in Poland consists of over 40 highly skilled engineers.

In the first week of a Smartshore assignment, our senior engineers and team leads will spend time at your site to meet your teams, get to know your company, and learn your way of working. The continuing weeks, your Smartshore team will collaborate with you on the assignment from our development site in Warsaw, Poland. With our solid delivery model, based on Scrum, you will have the experience of an in-house team. We ensure smooth communication and security measures. With the Sigma team by your side, you will have full control over the project’s time, resources, scope, and budget.



  • Embedded Software Development

  • Connectivity Stack

  • RTOS

  • Embedded Linux

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Back-end Application Development

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Processing


  • Access to needed/specialist competence

  • Great flexibility in ramp-up and ramp-down of resources

  • Stay focused on your company’s main business

  • Open communications between the teams

  • Price competitiveness


  • Warsaw is only 1 hour flight from Sweden

  • Warsaw is in same timezone as Sweden

  • Many big companies has their R&D in Warsaw