Imagine entering the stage to launch your next innovation. We will be there – helping you realize the next big thing in your industry, keeping you in front of your competition.

Connectivity is the spinal cord of tomorrow

Since you are here, you probably share our vision of a better tomorrow where everything is connected. Where man, machine and environment can grow and live together in interdependent harmony. Some call this the Internet of Things, 
but for us it’s just the everyday theme of all that we do.

No matter what phase of your product’s cycle we engage in, this interconnectivity is how our minds view the world. And when you get to meet your dedicated new creative team, you will understand that this is now your greatest advantage.

Everything that benefits from being connected will be connected – Björn Lundqvist, CEO

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You now have the world’s most advanced innovation lab at your service

A creative and passionate mind can build amazing things by pure willpower. However, it really helps if you have the right tools at hand. And to transform an idea into a viable product on time, you truly need what we have to offer.

We run one of the world’s few truly independent labs, comparable only to something you can dream of building and running in-house yourself. Now you have all the necessary brains and tools to discover, design, prototype and test your product idea into reality.

We are your innovation partner.
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Everything we do is about your next thing.
We will take your idea from concept, design, testing, industrialization and all the way to market.
Right now you only need to decide where to start.

Wherever you are on your journey we will help you launch your product on time.

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Innovation can be a lonely adventure – with us as your partner it’s not. We highly honor integrity and confidentiality towards our clients, which limits what we can publicly display here. But we can assure you that our collected knowledge and experience will empower your journey.

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Missed the last big one? That will never happen again

Timing is a key factor in bringing innovation to market successfully. Planning in years or quarters will not make it. Our team will get you in front of your stakeholders and demonstrating a brand new product in 6-8 weeks. Not months, weeks – starting from today.

Tomorrow won’t wait.
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